SATHYA Fibernet

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Sathya Fibernet

Work from Home Partner

Work any time from at the comfort of your home and complete high complex projects by utilizing ultra-speed SATHYA’s Fibernet.

Sathya Fibernet

E-Meetings Partner

Organize business meetings, conduct online classes and conferences easily without any interruptions or network slowdown.

Sathya Fibernet

Movie Partner

Watch your favorite movies or TV shows with your special ones, family and friends online with SATHYA’s lightning speed Fibernet.

Get better and faster internet with Fibernet!

Sathya Fibernet

Learning Partner

It’s now simpler for students & professionals to learn academics and competitive courses online with SATHYA’s Fibernet.

Sathya Fibernet

Gaming Partner

Highly reliable and superfast SATHYA’s Fibernet is children’s favorite choice to play top-notch online games with friends & family.

Sathya Fibernet

Streaming Partner

Easily upload, download, stream and do more with SATHYA’s Fibernet. Transfer huge volume of credential data instantly in no time.


Coverage Areas

SATHYA Fibernet covers only the below-listed areas. We will soon expand our network coverage zones!