Residential Fibernet

SATHYA Fibernet - The speed you need! From streaming to learning, Fibernet assures non-buffering high-speed internet. Download your favorite songs, play adventure games, share large files or folders, upload a high volume of photos and videos, attend e-classes, and more with our lightning-speed internet.

Even for IT executives who work from home during this new normal, our Fibernet has so much to offer. Apart from high-speed, we provide instant technical support and affordable network packages that will meet your high-speed internet requirements. Are you looking for a new Fibernet connection? Give us a call.

Commercial Fibernet

Fibernet comes with various features that are essential for any business activity. Multiple devices can be connected to Fibernet and can experience the same high-speed connectivity all the time.

Our network lines are secure, and so the data that you transfer is protected from mishaps. Take your business progress to the next level with our high-speed internet connectivity.

Every business requires high-speed internet to meet their client's needs on time, and so we provide ultra-fast internet without buffers. We also assure an affordable Fibernet package and instant new Fibernet connection and installation service without any hassles. Get in touch with us for a new Fibernet connection.

Wi-Fi Solutions

From small, medium to large enterprises, everyone requires Wi-Fi to be profitable and productive. For employees, guests, and the connectivity of devices, enterprises need a non-fluctuating internet. Business growth is equally proportional to high-speed Wi-Fi.

SATHYA Fibernet - The best internet service provider provides excellent reliable Wi-Fi solutions at competitive prices. Our team assures on-time Wi-Fi installation service at reasonable prices and support as and when required.

SATHYA Fibernet
SATHYA Fibernet

How does the 100Mbps Internet Speed help you?

You can do a lot more with high-speed internet while some are listed below:

  • Stream 30 minutes of HD TV episodes in 50 seconds
  • Stream 180 minutes of HD movie in less than 5 minutes
  • Stream 90 minutes web series in less than a minute
  • Stream 120 minutes of 4K videos in less than 5 minutes
  • Play HD video games without lags or hassles

What Client’s Say About Us

Look at how happy our customers feel when they use SATHYA Fibernet for their internet needs.

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